Student Testimonials
anak agung gede kerisna 1       "I like studying in this programme. The curriculum is well designed and it is taught by great lecturers from Singapore who has extensive experiences in the real business world. They relate the materials that we are learning in the class to what are actually being used in the real world. This helps us to understand how theories and concepts can be applied." - Anak Agung Gede Kerisna M.M.M.
felix wiranata 1       I'm very happy to be studying the SIM GE-UPH Programme because the lecturers, who are from Singapore, are very patient; it's very pleasant to be taught by them. The concepts and theories are applicable in the business world. This is useful for my future career. I feel very comfortable with my lecturers and classmates; they are all very supportive." - Felix Wiranata
gabriella hosana 1       "I have been studying in the SIM GE-UPH Programme for 1 year. My English has improved tremendously. It is because we have to use English in classes when doing our presentation. The lecturers are kind and they are very helpful and patient in explaining concepts and business practices to us when we don't understand. I am so happy that  I can study in the SIM GE-UPH Programme" - Gabriella Hosana
lovely 1       "I really enjoy studying the SIM GE-UPH Programme because we are provided with Singapore-quality education. The lecturers are very friendly and they always encourage us to ask questions if there is anything we don't understand. My English skill has also  improved greatly because we are required to do presentation in English for every group assignment. It helps to boost my confidence and my fluency in my English speaking and writing skill." - Lovely
steven ang 1       "The lectures conducted by Singapore lecturers are very good and the curriculum are practical. In addition to learning theories and current practices of business, we also, through group assignments and presentations, learn how to learn from and work with each other. Choosing the SIM GE-UPH Programme helping me to achieve my goals." - Steven Ang