23 February 2016
2016 Business Trend Seminar
For the first time, SIM GE-UPH Business Program hosted a business seminar with the main topic of “2016 Business Trends” at MYC Multi-Purpose Room, UPH Karawaci.

This seminar was aimed to educate the public on the business challenges and trends in the year 2016, moreover, this seminar also serves as an introduction to the program to help the young generation prepare themselves as future business leaders.

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(L-R : Mr. Anselm Chu, Dr. Gracia S. Ugut)


Speaking in the seminar Dr. Gracia S. Ugut (Executive Director, Lippo Education Initiatives) and Anselm Chu, M.A. (NTU), B.A. (NUS) (Director, International Development; Division Head, Career Development Singapore Institute of Management Global Education (SIM GE); Associate Lecturer, International Relations & Political Science, UOL).


Each of the speakers brought their own topic. Dr. Gracia S. Ugut spoke about the economic environments in both micro-economics and macro-economics of Indonesia in 2016 in her “Indonesia Economy 2016” topic, while Mr. Anselm Chu spoke about the global economic trends that affected by series of event that happened in the global scale in year 2015-2016, his predictions of the upcoming business trends, and the importance of education of young generation to keep up and survive in the fast-moving and ever-challenging digital age in his “Global Trends and Regional Outlook 2016: Education for the future” presentation.


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Attended by more than 100 participants from various backgrounds (parents, business owners, and students), the seminar was alive and full of enthusiasm from the participants.